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July 25, 2019

The first female yellow garden spider of the season has appeared in my backyard garden. This makes the third summer of seeing them. Last summer, I counted as many as seven spiders at one time building webs among the trellises and tomatoes. They made so many egg sacs th...

July 18, 2019

I feel like I haven't been posting enough garden photos lately. Since we're in the height of summer, there's a lot going on. Take a look:

When I planted these Titan sunflowers in the middle of my community garden plot, I failed to take into consideration that they would...

July 11, 2019

Coincidentally, before the newest NOAA news release came out, I was looking at and thinking about the climate data that many gardeners use to plan their planting schedules: the frost dates. The Farmer's Almanac has a handy frost date calculator. Just plug in your zip c...

July 4, 2019

On a whim, I bought one tomatillo seedling this spring and planted it at the end of my community garden plot. I had never grown tomatillos before because I didn't think I had enough space...they grow to be huuuuge. And has it ever grown! It's probably 4 feet wide and t...

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September 12, 2019

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