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August 1, 2019

As I continue to figure out life with a fructan intolerance, I wondered how to enjoy the summer staple of pesto pasta salad. The solution: by making recipe adjustments, of course.

Let's start with the pasta part. Since traditional Italian pastas are made with wheat, whi...

April 18, 2019

Here is the view over the fence of my community garden plot as of Friday:

From the bottom of the photo and going back into the distance: broccoli raab, alternating rows of lettuces and radishes, baby bok choy, alternating rows of lettuces and Japanese baby turnips, Sout...

August 30, 2018

It's been a while since I've discussed my front yard improvements inspired by Big Dreams, Small Spaces.

Here's what my yard looked like in late March, when I started:

And here's how everything is looking now, in late August:

Hold up: I haven't done anything special to the...

August 9, 2018

That's a lot of green stuff, isn't it?

Most nights, dinner includes a summer salad with cherry tomatoes and fresh herbs. Here's the bowl of tomatoes that's currently sitting on the kitchen counter.

I'm particularly pleased with the tromboncino squash, the large-leav...

August 2, 2018

Tomorrow is City Blossoms' Basil Bonanza, a community potluck of basil-themed dishes. My husband and I are looking forward to attending. We're bringing summer squash and basil pasta, made with tromboncino squash and green Italian basil from the garden. I'll just serve...

May 31, 2018

It's almost June, so that means strawberries. I'm no longer growing large-fruited cultivated strawberries in my garden, just wild strawberries in my front yard as a groundcover. An in-ground strawberry patch takes up a lot of space and it's only productive for a small...

May 24, 2018

I actually planted tomatoes, peppers, and basil three weeks ago--about two weeks earlier than I had thought I would--because nighttime temperatures were to remain above 50F, according to the extended forecast. The warmer nights coincided with a heatwave, three consecut...

January 11, 2018

Welcome to part II, butterfly larval food sources. Seeing butterflies in the garden always feels like I've been given a front row seat to watch a very special dance performance. As discussed previously, all flowering plants provide nectar that adult butterflies feed on...

June 8, 2017

Even if you don't have access to land for edible gardening, you can grow an outdoor container garden on your sunny porch, patio, balcony, or roof deck. Before we built raised beds in the backyard, I started vegetable gardening on the patio in food-safe plastic (HDPE ak...

June 1, 2017

With such a cool and rainy May, I was hoping to be eating broccoli by now. Remember, I had said that broccoli was on notice in my garden for being an under performer? I had planted 'Packman' back in March because it's supposed to mature in about 60 days. Well, it'...

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September 12, 2019

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