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State of the Garden Address: It's June already?

With such a cool and rainy May, I was hoping to be eating broccoli by now. Remember, I had said that broccoli was on notice in my garden for being an under performer? I had planted 'Packman' back in March because it's supposed to mature in about 60 days. Well, it's been nearly 90 days now and the broccoli has done close to diddly squat.

Aerial view of my largest 'Packman' broccoli. There should be a flower crown growing in the middle. Active words, "should be." But no, nothing, so I'm ripping them out and eating the leaves as collards.

And speaking of collards:

Look at those big sexy leaves. Now that looks like dinner.

I planted cherry tomatoes a couple weeks ago and they have gotten large enough to need trellising. I've experimented with a few different trellising techniques in years past and this time I went with string weaving. I hammered wooden stakes between the plants for support, then wrapped old yarn remnants from my knitting stash in a basket weave pattern, supporting the tomato vines upright. As the plants grow, I'll wrap more string, as needed. Take a look:

I've even got some tomato flowers and tiny green fruit already!

On the patio, I have a large 3-foot-by-3-foot fabric planter with chile peppers and basil that's starting to look pretty good.

The big blue pot in the back left of this photo is planted with fingerling potatoes.

Soon, I will plant melons, okra, yard long beans, and snake gourd, so stay tuned!

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