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State of the Garden Address: the melons are coming

Imagine a 37-year-old white woman with bright red hair, barefoot and wearing pajama pants with a heavy metal t-shirt, swaying and cheerfully singing "I got a melon, I got a melon" in her backyard at 7:30am this morning. Congrats, you now know what it's like to be my neighbor.

"I got a melon, I got a melon."

Hold on, wait a minute...what's that?

"I got two melons, I got two melons!"

These are either Climbing Sugar or Green-Fleshed American Pineapple. The two vines have become entwined on the trellis, so I can't tell which is which right now. It will be easy to tell once they mature and ripen as one will be orange and the other green. Of course these will be delicious all on their own, fresh off the vine. If I end up with several of them ripening at the same time, which happened last summer, I might make a small batch of melon-infused vodka (that also happened last summer).

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Raised beds with row cover

Protects cold season veggies from frost and caterpillars