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State of the garden address, late fall edition

End of November in the garden looks like this:

I know, pretty boring, right? But that's only if you don't look under the covers. Here's what's hiding in the bed in the top left corner of this photo:

Check out that color! The tall purple leaves are 'Rubine' Brussels sprouts. There's also a mix of red and green lettuces, arugula, and rutabagas. I also see a little bit of cilantro in there too.

In other beds, I'm growing purple sprouting broccoli, turnips, 'Watermelon' radishes, and mustard greens, along with even more arugula and lettuces. Unfortunately, it seems as though I've had bad luck with beets this time...old seeds maybe, I honestly don't know. Just means I'll have to fulfill my winter borscht dreams with store-bought beets and try again in the spring. Still, I'm pleased with how well everything has been holding up with fluctuating temperatures. We've been eating a lot of salad, stews (rutabagas and/or turnips plus chickpeas equals magic), pickled radishes, and braised greens.

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