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More gifts for gardeners

December 14, 2017

The best gift that I have ever received from a fellow gardener is...


A whale-shaped fingernail brush. It lives in my shower and I use it every day because I always come home with dirt under my fingernails (gardening is dirty work). I recently noticed that the plastic is starting to crack, so I might have to replace it soon with a wooden whale.



My favorite gift that I have ever given to another gardener is...


Nightshade Garden solid perfume with a coordinating nightshade vegetable art print card. (From the perfumer's FAQ: "Our culture tells us that sweet and floral scents are feminine in gender and that woodsy, spicy, musky scents are masculine. I believe that men can wear any scent they are comfortable in, as can women, and plant essences should not be limited by gender.")



Here is what I always ask Santa to bring every year:


So far, I've always gotten my just takes a few months to arrive. ;-)



For even more gift ideas, your local farmers' market is a great place to shop for the gardeners in your life. Look for locally produced honey, tea, pickles, preserves, pottery, garden art, and other handmade goods.


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September 12, 2019

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