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Rooting DC 2018

I hope everyone had an amazing, invigorating learning experience at Rooting DC 2018. I know I did. Thank you to everyone who attended my presentation. It was an honor to converse with others about a topic that is close to my heart. You may find my presentation slides with speaker's notes here. Of course, viewing the slides alone does not give you the full experience of me cracking bad jokes, making goofy faces, and gesturing wildly as I speak; for that, you had to have been in the audience. ;-)

I'm still playing the wait-and-see game for sowing vegetable seeds outdoors since the weather has gotten cold again. In the meantime, I'm starting some seeds indoors under grow light: shade-tolerant salpiglossis for front yard flowers and the cranberry-flavored okra cousin flor de Jamaica for a friend's garden. And here's another tip to beat the winter blues: check out the US Botanic Garden's orchid show.

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