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Finally, photogenic veggies!

The veggies have finally grown large enough to actually be visible in photographs, look!

The back left bed has broccoli raab, black carrots, and mixed mustard greens; back right has collards, Japanese baby turnips, and mizuna; front right has Chinese broccoli, beets, and mixed lettuces; and the front left has dinosaur kale, mixed spring radishes, and baby bok choy.

I thinned the turnips yesterday so that they will have enough space for the tasty roots to plump up. Turnip greens are delicious too; I saved the thinned turnip greens and also harvested broccoli raab, mustards, mizuna, and tender volunteer dandelion leaves for last night's dinner.

I sauteed this mix of spicy and bitter greens with olive oil, minced garlic, dried red chile, salt, and pepper. Yum!

Did you notice a pop of orange along the back fence in that first photo? I fell in love with these vibrant marigolds entirely because they're the color of mac & cheese.

And speaking of color, my neighbor's bearded iris is looking spectacular!

It feels great to have my veggie garden back to being productive again. The season is just getting started and there's lots more to come. I advise waiting another week before planting summer crops, as Sunday and Monday's forecast predicts that the temperature will drop to the low 40's before sunrise and that's too cold for the likes of basil and chile peppers. I'm going to wait even longer than that, probably until about mid-May, in order to allow my currently growing roots and greens to reach a harvestable size.

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Raised beds with row cover

Protects cold season veggies from frost and caterpillars