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Happy First Day of Summer

On Monday, I overheard someone say, "it finally feels like DC." It was 93F. And that's why I choose summer veggies that thrive in the heat. Let's take a tour of the backyard veggie garden and see how everything is doing.

The beets (reddish leaf shown here) and carrots (not pictured, in another bed) aren't quite ready to harvest yet. That's ok, their rows fit neatly between the staked cherry tomatoes and trellised gourds.

The 'Dinosaur' kale that was previously munched on by a presumed groundhog has grown back enough that I could harvest some this week. I made kale-basil pesto and tossed it with mushroom tortellini, white beans, and artichoke hearts. The collard greens (not pictured, growing in another bed) are doing just fine too, though similarly bug-eaten along the edges from being left uncovered.

The cherry tomatoes are starting to produce. This is 'Midnight Snack' which turns blue-black.

Chile peppers too...this is 'Anaheim.'

I threw five varieties of melon seeds into my big blue pot and decided to let them battle it out. This could be 'Galia' or 'Earlydew' or 'Solid Gold' or 'Rampicante Zuccherino' or 'Ananas D'Amerique A Chair Verte.' It's all good. And there's a second melon growing on the other side of the pot.

This birdhouse gourd is finally reaching the trellis. The other pest-resistant vining cucurbits I was able to successfully germinate this year include white bitter melon, ridge gourd, snake gourd, green cushaw, tromboncino squash, and 'Lemon' cucumber. And I still had room for some yardlong beans, 'Red Noodle' and a green-colored one.

The 'Burgundy' okra, flor de Jamaica, and mystery Ablemoschus seeds I was given (I think it might be musk okra) are still very small and un-photogenic. I had to replant the okra because it failed to thrive...I think it didn't like all the rain, but that was the only veggie that I lost that way.

And of course, the coming of summer means that it's now jam season. Blueberries, cherries, and raspberries are locally available, with blackberries and peaches following soon thereafter.

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