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Melon agua fresca

As it's been so hot lately, my go-to summer evening refreshment of choice has become a glass of agua fresca. I feel obligated to state that this is a treat to be enjoyed in moderation since it's been in the news (again!) that juice is not healthy...and agua fresca is basically diluted juice with added sugar.

The first melon to ripen from my big blue pot was an 'Earlidew,' check it out:

After scooping out the seeds, peeling away the rind, and cutting it into chunks, I had about 2 cups worth (it was a small melon to begin with). I put the melon chunks in the blender with 2 cups of water, then strained it through a mesh sieve into a pitcher. I put 2 more cups of water in the blender along with 1/4 cup of wildflower honey and the freshly-squeezed juice of a lemon. After whirring that up together, I added the honey/lemon water to the pitcher with the melon water. I gave it a stir, set it in the fridge until cold, then poured it over ice.

There are 3 other melons still ripening on the vines. I'm not saying that they're all going to end up as agua fresca, but I'm not not saying that either. This basic recipe can be used for all sorts of fruits, so mix and match. A few sprigs of fresh herbs like mint, pineapple sage, or thyme make great additions too.

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