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Bug sightings

Though we've seen a lot of rain this week, I've also been seeing a lot of bugs.

The proverbial lion of the jungle, this mantis has taken up residence in the potted coleus on my front steps.

There's a growing community of yellow garden spiders (I counted at least five!) around the compost bin. Welcome to the buffet, spider-friends, please help yourselves to all the mosquitoes and flies you desire.

I spotted this woolly bear caterpillar out back, taking a break from eating clover. As adults, they are known as tiger moths. While it may look soft and fuzzy, those hairs are its defense against predators, and it would likely cause skin irritation if touched.

Speaking of moths, I also saw a clear wing hawk moth last week, feeding from flowers. Too bad I just wasn't fast enough with my camera. They look like the strangest hummingbirds you've ever seen.

I heard this June beetle before I saw it, its wings in flight buzzing louder than a bumblebee. It was easily as large as a quarter. The larvae are considered to be pests of turf grass, as their underground burrowing is blamed for discolored spots in lawns. Adult beetles are decomposers, preferring overripe and rotten fruit.


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