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End of summer harvests

The first day of fall is little more than a week away. In that week, I will be saying goodbye to my summer garden plants in order to make room for fall vegetables. It's time: the cherry tomatoes are looking tired and the fruits are splitting from all of the rain. And Hurricane Florence will bring us more rain this weekend. If I want to save the remaining unripe tomatoes, I'll have to pick them and ripen them on the kitchen counter.

Lately, beans and okra have dominated the harvest:

Those are 'Red Noodle' yardlong beans (chopped to the same lengths as the other beans) on the top left with purple bush beans below them, green beans and wax beans on the right, and 'Burgundy' okra in the middle. They were delicious stewed together with the last of the remaining ripe tomatoes.

I just have to wait a couple more days before I take down the big arched trellises:

The two frosty green cylindrical fruits are snake gourds. I made a delicious coconut-based curry with my previous harvest and I'll do the same with these.

If you're looking for fall garden festivals and plant sales, there's a lot going on next weekend. Fall Garden Day at Green Spring Gardens and the Heritage Harvest Festival at Monticello are both next Saturday while the DC State Fair is next Sunday. Local farms are already open for apple picking and pumpkin season is rapidly approaching as well.

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