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Frosty garden update

We saw our first fall frost over the weekend (a week late, according to the most current data) and we woke up today to our first snow. A month ago, on October 15, it was 74F! This is not normal.

These are photos I took of my garden yesterday.

My proudest accomplishment in the fall 2018 garden: leeks and turnips. I've already harvested some of the turnip greens for stews and egg dishes. Both the leeks and turnips were planted as seedlings, with single turnips alternating among multi-sown leeks.

In stark contrast, this bed was supposed to be four rows of radishes alternating with three rows of Chinese mustard. In my mind's eye, the radishes would now be nearly ready to harvest, which would make more space for the mustards to grow. I have a new appreciation for radishes as a cooked vegetable, as they are outstanding sauteed in butter (it mellows their bite and gives them a nutty taste), though I'll still eat them raw in salads and as a garnish for tacos. The Chinese mustard was to go in stir-fries and soups. And, well, you see how that panned out...

Why the less than stellar garden growth? As I was already frustrated with my lettuce failures, I wasn't attentive enough with watering while the temperatures were still warm and we weren't getting much rain. But from here until spring hits the reset button, I will continue to nurture what I've got. I may still get something yet!

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