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My houseplants

Happy Houseplant Month (yes, I totally made that up). Today, I will be sharing my personal collection of houseplants. In upcoming January posts, I will recommend houseplants for beginners, discuss how to water houseplants, and how to repot houseplants.

Since I like to grow food, most of my houseplants are edible. I've taken inspiration from the garden court at the US Botanic Gardens conservatory (currently open and funded, despite the partial government shutdown), which displays numerous edible tropical plants. I don't have the space for my own cacao tree though, if only!

There was too much glare when I tried to photograph my houseplants during the day, hence the nighttime photos.

Here we have citrus: I've written previously about my dwarf lime (left). I also picked up a Meyer lemon (right). Both have been flowering and fruiting and I've enjoyed them so much. If I wasn't already at maximum capacity for houseplants, I would also want a calamondin sour orange.

Also pictured here is my Mexican breadfruit aka the darling of Instagram, Monstera deliciosa (center). It's just a baby now, so its leaves aren't even large enough to show the characteristic split...I don't know if I will ever see it flower or fruit, but I figured it was worth a try. I also have a plumeria cutting (the fragrant flowers are said to be edible) and a dwarf banana hiding in the background.

But wait, there's more:

I also have several edible succulents. The tall cacti on the left and right are dragon fruit cuttings, one red-fleshed (left) and one white-fleshed (right). In the center is blue agave, tequila in training. You might be able to see the aloe vera in the back, used both for skin care and cooking. And the vine-like plant with succulent leaves in the back is a Plectranthus amboinicus, a culinary herb that goes by many different names depending on where you're from. It was sold to me as "Indian mint," but I've also seen it called "Cuban oregano" and "broad-leaf thyme."

Again, if I had more room, I would want to grow lots more spices. Perhaps I can still squeeze in a couple hanging baskets with black pepper and vanilla vines.

In other news, I recently joined GrowIt, a social media app especially for gardeners. You can share your projects as well as ask or answer gardening questions. My first gardening project that I shared was a terrarium.

I made so many terrariums at work for other people's holiday gifts that I decided I needed one for myself. And terrariums are even harder to photograph, please excuse the glare. I'm just waiting for some Totoro figurines to arrive in the mail to complete the look. Specific information about the plants I used can be found on GrowIt: I'm dcpotager.

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