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Turnip recipe and sustainable gardening

I know, I promised an outstanding turnip recipe in my last post. I found one, I just haven't had the time to make it yet: turnip gratin. What caught my eye with this particular gratin recipe is that you bake it in three steps. Using a heavy skillet (not a ceramic or glass casserole, as someone who left a negative review discovered the hard way), you first bake the thinly-sliced turnips in melted butter until a crunchy crust forms on the bottom. The second baking step adds the cream, permeating the layers and making the turnips rich and tender. The final step adds a layer of parmesan cheese for a salty bubbly top crust. I like that the recipe is compatible with my dietary restrictions, free of onions and garlic; instead, it layers on flavor from cayenne pepper, thyme, and savory (the last two also happen to be growing in my garden). Trust and believe that I will be making this turnip gratin very soon.

I've been busy putting the finishing touches on my Rooting DC talk, which is just around the corner on February 23. My talk is in two parts: (1) how to choose which vegetables to plant and when and (2) evidence-based best practices that will make your garden more resilient to climate change. I was absolutely delighted that the principles outlined in this episode of Growing a Greener World align with part 2 of what I intend to discuss.

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