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Spring planting time begins

After tonight, we're expecting to see temperatures remain above freezing for the next 10 days at least (yes, even with the snow on Friday). Jackpot, time to start planting! I intend to begin planting small cold-tolerant salad-y stuff this Saturday. If you are looking for ideas as to what seeds to plant now, for both inside under grow lights and outdoors, check out what I wrote for the first post on Ginkgo Gardens' new blog.

Before I can plant anything in my backyard raised beds, I have two tasks to complete first: (1) harvest the remaining winter veggies and (2) Waylon-proof my raised beds.

Just before this latest round of polar vortex temperatures, I harvested all of the turnips. All that remains in the garden now is 'Green in Snow' mustard and a little bit of kale. No problem, we'll eat the greens for dinner.

My second task may prove to be more complicated. This is Waylon, my neighbor's cat, as I found him on a sunny day last week:

As a cat lover, I welcome cats in my garden. Being the closest approximation to a jungle that city kitties are likely to ever see, my garden is frequently visited by neighborhood cats. But ripping holes in the row cover meant to protect my veggies from cold weather and insect pests is not acceptable. I'm thinking that in order to prevent future breaches, I'll add a layer of chicken wire on top of the fabric. The internet claims that cats hate to set their delicate toe beans on the rough texture of wire. Honestly, I don't buy it, having seen how determined my cats can be when they want something, but I figure the wire should at least slow him down a little.

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