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Community garden plot update

Here is the view over the fence of my community garden plot as of Friday:

From the bottom of the photo and going back into the distance: broccoli raab, alternating rows of lettuces and radishes, baby bok choy, alternating rows of lettuces and Japanese baby turnips, Southern mustard greens (not part of the original plan, but I had the space and they looked tasty), and 'Piracicaba' broccoli on the far end.

Let's take a closer look at one of the unmulched lettuce sections:

Ack, weeds! Most of what you're seeing here is pigweed, aka lambsquarters, aka quelites, an edible green related to spinach. The thing is, it grows incredibly quickly and it self-sows all over the place; the seed pods literally explode when touched, spraying seeds for many feet in all directions. Since I'm intending to grow other crops besides pigweed here, it's got to go. Best to hand pull them while they're small.

Weeded and watered. My husband's response when I texted him this photo was "LOL Good job! I think I can see rows now!" Exactly.

I took home my first harvest of the season on Friday, all of the baby bok choy. The sudden warmer weather, going from nights with freezing temperatures to afternoons with highs in the 70s was causing the bok choy to start to bolt. It was delicious stir-fried with mushrooms and sliced pork, served over rice. I sowed giant sunflowers in their place.

Tomorrow, I will probably harvest some or all of the broccoli raab and mustard greens. I think the combination of bitterness from the broccoli raab and spicy horseradish-y bite from the mustard will pair well together. I will be planting edible hibiscus and a variety of different basils in those spaces as I clear them.

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