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Backyard garden coming up

This is going to be a light post this week. I was in a car crash on Monday night due to the other driver's negligence. I'm physically ok with just some soreness and mild abrasions on my left arm from the airbag; I'm still working on being emotionally ok about it. Thank you for your concern.

I noticed that this time last year was when I shared the first photo of my backyard garden for spring, so I wanted to do the same this year for comparison.

Here's last spring:

And here's this spring:

Through the cat-protective wire covers, you can see the mixed mustard greens, mixed leaf lettuces, and Chinese lettuces coming up. The non-bulbing green onions are still tiny wisps, but they're visible once you get up close. I've already started harvesting some of the larger lettuce leaves for sandwiches.

You can also see that my perennials around the birdbath are coming in bigger and better than last year. And along the back fence, the grape vine has been removed; I put more plants for pollinators in its place. Lastly, I removed the drip irrigation system because it was beginning to wear out and because last year was so wet that I hardly even used it; I will be hand watering instead.

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