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Showers bring flowers

It's almost June, the trellises are back up, and I'm starting to plant my heat-loving veggies among the spring plantings: yardlong beans, winged beans (a new one for me, exciting!), Persian cucumbers, vining squash/gourds, and Burgundy okra. These veggies are all still tiny babies, not much to look at currently, but they'll take off soon.

My pollinator flowers are looking beautiful though!

The purple coneflower is just getting started in the bottom left of this photo. The splash of orange is butterfly milkweed. The yellow lanceleaf coreopsis is threatening to take over; I need to stake it up better. And the white clover is blooming all throughout my garden paths.

Earlier this spring, I planted a raspberry bush cutting in my big fabric bed. Since it's still small (but mighty...look closely in the photo below and you can see a couple berries), I also planted annual flowers along the edges.

I love this bold combination of red pentas and "blue" annual verbena.

I've also got annual lantanas planted between the perennial flowers along my back fence. Like penta and verbena, lantana has clusters of small flowers, providing an abundance of nectar. Additional nectar-rich annuals that are attractive to butterflies include zinnias, cosmos, sunflowers, and salvias.

Lastly, it was about this time last year that I reposted my list of pick-your-own farms for strawberries. The list is still 90% accurate (Homestead Farm no longer grows strawberries), though some farms are reporting that they've closed already for the season. It seems that the strawberries ripened a few weeks earlier this year, perhaps due to warmer weather. I'm just glad that the Sandy Spring Museum Strawberry Festival is on for this Saturday; it was a blast last year.

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