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Groundhog update

I'm pleased to share that I haven't seen evidence of groundhogs in my garden for several weeks now. I know that it got me good twice. After the first time, I used old concrete edging bricks to block its access under the chainlink fence.

But since it couldn't squeeze under the fence, that clever groundhog found a way over! It would squeeze under my neighbor's fence, climb up the steps of my neighbor's porch, cross over to my porch, climb down my steps, and feast in my garden. So I used some old storm windows to block the gaps between my porch railings.

Not glamorous, but effective. Meanwhile, my celtuces seem to have recovered nicely.

We'll have to see if they will form stems. From watching Asian Garden 2 Table's FAQ on celtuce, I'm doubtful, but I don't want to give up.

I mean, stir-fried pork and celtuce looks really yummy.

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