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Garden photos

I feel like I haven't been posting enough garden photos lately. Since we're in the height of summer, there's a lot going on. Take a look:

When I planted these Titan sunflowers in the middle of my community garden plot, I failed to take into consideration that they would end up growing among the branches of the nearby pomegranate tree. A happy accident; I think it looks beautiful.

The beginnings of the first trombone squash of the season. Last year, the groundhog took a liking to them, so I planted them two miles away in my community garden plot this year. Despite my best efforts at blocking its point of entry, the groundhog has showed me that its proficient at climbing waist-high chainlink fence.

Because I like them so much, I'm growing three colors of yardlong beans this summer: red, green, and white. These are the green ones in the community garden plot.

In the empty spaces that were previously occupied by Piracicaba broccoli (community garden) and Chinese lettuces (backyard), I planted eggplant (shown above, with flowers) and basil. I have no idea what kind of eggplants they are because they weren't labelled at the garden center. They're probably the large bell-shaped European type that dominates the grocery store, used for eggplant parmesan...though I'd love it if they ended up being Turkish Orange or small, round Thai "frog egg" types.

In addition to eggplant and basil, there's also chile peppers, non-bulbing green onions, and white yardlong beans planted in this bed.

The Burgundy okra in containers in my backyard are taking off. (Next time, I'll try for a less blurry photo.)

My cherry tomatoes are now more than 3 feet tall. These are Midnight Snack, which have dark to almost black tops and red bottoms when ripe.

The snake gourd vines are climbing the arched trellis and putting out lots of stunning lacy flowers.

It's apparent that my winged beans are getting munched on, but as long as they still produce enough beans for a stir-fry, it's all good.

That's all for now. Happy gardening, everyone.

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