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What I'm planting for fall

I decided to say goodbye to my enormous squash vines because I found that all of my developing squashes had been chewed on. Squirrels, probably. At least with autumn right around the corner, we have the opportunity to hit the reset button. So I started planting leafy greens.

Store-bought babies: you can see collard greens, 'Red Russian' kale, and a few bok choy all the way to the left in this photo. On the other end of the bed, I've planted Southern mustard, 'Dinosaur' kale, and a few Swiss chard that were given to me. I know it doesn't look like much now, but you'll be surprised how quickly they'll grow this time of year.

I recently just pulled the cherry tomato plants from my backyard garden. In their place, I sowed komatsuna and broccoli raab, but I'm not expecting much to come up now. See, I left the soil uncovered and neighborhood cats started digging in it pretty much immediately. Frustrating, but I have reinforcements on the way.

Chinese broccoli (kailaan) and yu choy seedlings under growlight. I started them by sowing rows in an old takeout container with holes poked in the bottom. After the seeds germinated, the strongest sprouts were "pricked out" and transplanted into their own individual cells. You can see that first stage of this process in the photo below:

Just starting to emerge: kohlrabi, turnips, and 'green-in-snow' Chinese mustard. I'm also thinking about 'Watermelon' radish, lettuces, and arugula. I just have to figure out where all of this will fit in my space!

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