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Green pumpkin

What's slightly less enormous than the cushaw vines that I grew in my community garden plot, while bigger than the snake gourd vines? Green pumpkin vines.

The green pumpkin vines grew up and over my 8-foot arched trellis, clearly unaffected by squash vine borer.

I suspect, but I cannot confirm (I have been unsuccessful at finding any English-language documentation anyway) that green pumpkin is the same as Korean summer squash. And Korean summer squash, being a C. moschata species like butternut squash, is vine borer-resistant.

The vines attracted lots of beneficial insects, however. The large yellow flowers were always buzzing with bees while yellow garden spiders built webs connected to the trellis. Here is a mantis resting on a leaf.

The squash themselves were delicious. They had firmer flesh than most zucchini and summer squash and a nutty flavor. I liked them best mixed with other summer vegetables, such as in a stew or soup. I'm sure they would be marvelous grilled.

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